Hi, I’m a web analyst and digital marketer with 12 years in different positions in the industry. I live in Ski outside of Oslo, in Norway.

I started my digital life doing Google AdWords and Analytics support for Google in Dublin.

After about a year I moved to Norway in 2011 and started working as a digital marketing consultant until 2015.

From 2015 until 2022 I had various positions in the Norwegian post, working as a web analyst and a product owner for our logistics portal.

Currently I’m the Global Web Analyst in Hurtigruten. A travel operator providing coastal travel in Norway as well as expedition travels across the globe.

As a web analyst I work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and BigQuery. My task is to transform our data into reports and actionable results helping the company to make great web experiences.

With 12 years of experience I’ve been working with both PPC, SEO, SOME, CRO and Analysis.

I studied Marketing at the Norwegian School of Management, and the University of Mannheim. During my stay in Germany I realized that digital marketing was a highly neglected field where I had some skills to apply. This made me want to build my competence in the field, as I assumed it would be desired for the future (I think I was right).

Outside of work, I’m a volunteer in the Norwegian Red Cross in the Search and Rescue corps responsible for communication devices (TETRA radios and tablets) in the local division.